Website Submissions

Submitting Material To The NH Mensa Site

Members may submit material to the Webmaster . The webmaster reserves the right to request submitter's membership number for confirmation against chapter records provided by the national office.

You may also submit your personal (non-business) home page or business page for linking from the Members' Links page or the Member-2-Member page, respectively, subject to the same rules of acceptability as established for links from the AML web pages.

Submissions should come as HTML files or flat ASCII text, although the webmaster can work with Word files, rtf, pdf, etc. Let him know what ou have.

Mensa is open to people of all ages, therefore this site is child-friendly (some might even say "juvenile"). All material will be reviewed by the webmaster, and all webmaster decisions as to suitability will be final. The webmaster reserves the right to modify submissions as necessary to fit within the format of the site.

Contributor Copyright Agreement and Release, and Terms of Use

By submitting an original item for publication in the NH Mensa Momentum newsletter, or on the NH Mensa website, the contributing writer, artist, or photographer indicates having read, and agreeing to the following.

The copyright to creative material belongs to the originator, even when the publication is copyrighted by the local group. The originator grants a license to the local group to publish the contributed item in one issue of the NH Mensa Momentum newsletter or on the NH Mensa website.

The originator also grants a license to any other Mensa local group to republish the creative material, provided appropriate attribution is shown giving credit to both the originator and NH Mensa. The recommended format is "By [Originator Name], reproduced from NH Mensa's [Momentum newsletter | website at]." However, if a copyright notice for the originator appears with the item, specific permission to reproduce the item must be obtained directly from the originator.

It is the policy of NH Mensa to publish items only when the original source of the creative material is known and rights to reproduce it have been granted to NH Mensa.