2021 Scholarship Winners

Kaycee Reagan - Diana Mossip Memorial Scholarship

It's mid-winter and brutally cold, the kind of cold that makes your lungs ache and your hands feel like they're enclosed in a block of ice. It's wonderful. The winter sky is clear and covered in stars, and I wonder at the belt of the Milky Way as we race down the road, the lights and sirens of the engine shattering the stillness of the night. It's my first call as a Junior Firefighter, and I'm in love. In that moment, I know that I have found my calling.

Sage Lincoln - New Hampshire Mensa Scholarship Winner

Since I was a child I've wanted to become a doctor. With that goal in mind, I applied to Colby-Sawyer College as a biology major with a pre-med track and began taking EMT classes at night. As I learned more about the inequities present in the medical field, I began to see my priorities change. While I knew I still wanted to go to medical school, I wanted to be able to better provide for my patients and help initiate positive change from within the healthcare system.

2019 Scholarship Winners

Myah Kerbyson - Joe Zanca Scholarship Winner

It wasn't until my junior year of high school that I rekindled my love for learning. For the first semester, I had the incredible opportunity to intern with a local doctor and two nurses at a health clinic. To my surprise, I would not be answering phones or passively observing; instead, Dr. Shepard happily sat with me for 80 minutes every other day to answer any questions I could think of--it was a class structured entirely by me.

Patrick Mannion - New Hampshire Mensa Scholarship Winner

I don't know exactly when I knew I wanted to pursue medicine, but it has been a part of me since childhood. To explain my future, I need to explain how I came to where I am: My first exposure to the medical world was when I punctured my lip and needed 7 stitches. I was only 6 years old and the doctor walked me through the entire procedure. He even gave me a tiny mirror to hold so I could see what he was doing. It was fascinating.

Sharlene DeMeule - Karen Cooper Scholarship Winner

I was nineteen when my grandmother passed away. This incredible woman had raised me from the day I was born (my mother had died during childbirth). During her last years, the roles were reversed, I had to be her caregiver. It was not easy, but, it was the least I could do for her after all she had done for me. That is when I realized that the healthcare field is where I belonged.