Regular Events

Some Regular Events

Second Sunday Brunch Bunch - Belgian Waffles, mimosas, omelettes, hash browns. Sounds like the end of an RG, doesn't it? Except without that glazed look. And, it's only the beginning! Join us on our monthly quest for the perfect brunch. After investigating the designated establishment's late-morning culinary delights, we'll compare notes and take in some classic cinema (we love matinee prices!). Or maybe some trash. Or, depending on the month, some other esoteric pursuit. As Temperance League's success has proven contagious, please RSVP to Darlene for contingency plans by Saturday afternoon. Places we've been (and how they rated) and/or places we're going can be found here. We're kinda partial to staggering-distance establishments, being early on a Sunday and all, so if you want somewhere you can fall into, let us know about your favorites.

Brady Bunch - has been nailed down to Peterborough, NH, on second Friday.

FSM/ExComm Meeting - Fold, staple and mutilate your very own Momentum newsletter copy (and a couple hundred others), and meet Mensans with a purpose. Stick around for the Executive Committee meeting to watch sausage being made. Non-officers are, of course, always welcome: it's your virtual-town meeting, after all (hey, why should the Officers have all the fun, right?). Check your unredacted Momentum (off-line or on-) for current specifics, or contact our redoubtable LocSec for more details.

Quarterly Business Meeting - Held, well, quarterly -- Feb/May/Aug/Nov -- immediately following FSM/ExComm.

WinnepiSupper - Third Friday in the Lakes Region.

M&I Dinner - Portsmouth, NH, fourth Friday. Join us for this popular seacoast event! Sample from the bountiful dinner buffet and the many conversations going at any given moment. We continue to welcome (and welcome back) new members or formerly inactive members, and members of Walter's Intertel group with which we have joined forces.