Regional Gathering Info

Program Preview

Friday evening: Jazz duo playing during the early part of the evening

Saturday: Mensa Test

Speakers include:

Forest Ecosystem Science in NH: What Are We Learning?
The Fire Burns Bright: A Story of Twin Flames
Living the Traveling Life
Gems and Jewelry: A Buyers Guide
The Weirding 20s
Breaking America’s Habit of Mass Incarceration
Barbershop Quartet
Introduction to Dowsing
Personal Intelligence: An intelligence of understanding personality in oneself and others

Kindness Rocks! (learn to rock-paint)
Scholarship Auction
Music Trio (keyboard, upright base, drums) during our Speakeasy

Add to this our 24-hours/day Games Room and Hospitality, our movie room, assorted tournaments, our Crafts room, our open bar in the evenings, other Hospitality events, and of course lots of time and opportunity to hang out with the great group assembled – what more could you ask for?


Room Info

*** ROOM BLOCK UPDATE 06 Jan 2020 ***
10 more rooms added to the room block for Friday & Saturday nights

Hi all!

I had promised to let you know the changes at the hotel; for most of you the main items have to do with reservations and parking.

Rooms in our block are available only until January 14th. After that, rooms can still be booked if available, but NOT AT THE RG RATE! Please make your reservations as soon as possible. Also, the cancellation date for rooms in our block is 14 days before the event. You should receive an email from the hotel noting that date, and requiring payment on that date.

The other item has to do with parking (it is a more rigid enforcement of rules they had already started to implement in the last couple of years). "Each room in the group block will be provided 1 complimentary orange parking pass, allowing the guest to park anywhere on the property (but does not guarantee a spot in the main parking lot. If 2nd or 3rd passes are requested for the same room, will be provided with complimentary parking pass in the southern green parking lot located across Boyd Road. If 2nd or 3rd pass is requested for the main parking lot instead, the cost is $10 per night per vehicle." Also, DON'T LOSE your orange parking pass! The hotel will charge $10 per day to reissue.
Cars without parking passes are subject to towing (although this is mostly an overnight thing).

Deb Stone