Regional Gathering FAQ

RG Frequently Asked Questions by 2005 RG Co-Chair Darlene Alleman

The RG Committee would like to extend to you a hearty invitation to attend the next Granite Gathering. It's a great way to get introduced to Mensa, meet a variety of people, and have a lot of fun! For those of you not familiar with an RG, here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that explain some of the basics of an RG and why we make such a fuss over it. The answers are pretty universal, but it's wise to verify specifics for other chapters' RGs...

What's an RG?

An RG (Regional Gathering) is a weekend-long party that starts Friday evening and runs until Sunday afternoon. For one registration fee, you have access to unlimited food and drink, speakers and workshops on all sorts of topics, a movie room, a games room and all sorts of other activities too numerous to mention.

Not at all! We typically hold an RG primer on Friday evening, to help orient new members to everything an RG has to offer. You'll also find we're a pretty friendly bunch, and enthusiastically welcome new faces. Feel free to join in to any conversation or activity. Or, if you're uncomfortable in just a social setting, attend a talk or play a board game. There are always groups looking for another player. The structure of an activity can make it easier to feel more comfortable.

Can I bring a non-Mensan friend?

Of course! Family members and invited guests of members are always welcome!

I have young children. Are they welcome?

Yes. There's usually a children's room, full of activities specially targeted to keep the youngsters happy and occupied. Often, parents take turns overseeing the children's room. Of course, parents are still strongly encouraged to monitor their children's behavior during the RG. If you're venturing farther afield to other RGs, it's best to contact the respective RG Chair or check the specific registration form for their policy.

I saw the hotel rates. Do I have to stay in the hotel?

It's not required. Some attendees drive home in the evening, but the vast majority prefers to get a room in the hotel. Hospitality suite is typically open 24 hours a day, and you'll find it easier (and safer) to stay in the hotel than to drive home at 3 a.m. after you lost track of the time because you became so involved in a deep (or not so deep) conversation.

I'm busy on Friday. Can I attend Saturday only?

Yes, there's usually a discounted rate for a Saturday-only registration.

Do I have to pre-register?

No, walk-ins are welcome. However, there is usually a discount if you pre-register.

How should I dress?

Most people dress very casually. In fact, you'll find a lot of people who don't even bother with shoes! It's a relaxed weekend where you can just kick back and enjoy yourself.