Patrick Mannion - New Hampshire Mensa Scholarship Winner

I don't know exactly when I knew I wanted to pursue medicine, but it has been a part of me since childhood. To explain my future, I need to explain how I came to where I am: My first exposure to the medical world was when I punctured my lip and needed 7 stitches. I was only 6 years old and the doctor walked me through the entire procedure. He even gave me a tiny mirror to hold so I could see what he was doing. It was fascinating.

By middle school, my uncle became a pharmacist. I had many discussions with him about his coursework and residency. Since then, we've talked a lot about his day-to-day work with patients. Pharmacy is definitely something I could consider, but I am most interested in working with patients over a period of time, which I discovered when I started volunteering at a local nursing home. My uncle said that many of his patients are geriatrics, so I decided that I get familiar with this population.

I have volunteered at a local nursing home since I started high school. Going to the nursing home with other high school students helped me to understand the difference between myself and others. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with the patients. I get a kick out of their stories and have compassion for their pains. Watching others teens, I realize that my comfortability with the elderly is not common and that many high school students don't know how to hold a conversation with someone in another generation.

With this realization, I decided to get a job working at a nursing home. While I am not working in a medical role, it allows me to work in a medical environment. Plus, every day I work, I get to build relationships with residents as I deliver their meals. This position allows me to watch nurses and therapists work with patients and I am free to ask questions. It has been a great way for me to learn more about medical systems and structures, as well as medical paths in school. It has solidified my desire to pursue a degree in medicine.

I have worked hard to get into a 4-year college that will prepare me for medical school. #1 in my class, I received the Harvard Book Award and the Advanced Placement Distinction Award. I won the science award for both AP Chemistry and AP Physics in my junior year as well as the NH Science Fair STEM Research Award. As President of the National Honor Society, I ran the blood drive, roadside cleanup, tutoring, and field day. On the Student Council, I ran the Veterans Day and Spirit assemblies, twice earning the Council's Appreciation award. I also won the Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Foundation President's Gold Volunteer Service Award for logging over 250 hours of community service in a single year.

I have a track record of setting and meeting goals. While I have not decided which medical path I will take, I have been accepted at colleges with strong pre-medical programs; all offering internships, clinical, and research opportunities as well as MCAT preparation to help me achieve my goal. This scholarship would help defray the costs of my schooling.

Thank you for your time and consideration.